Concept Artist

We're looking for Concept Artists who have a mastery of their craft and are excited to help define and explore a new IP universe. As part of a team working on new games in production, you’ll ideate, explore, debate, and develop across game genres to deliver an amazing game into players’ hands.

Our World

For us, understanable narrative and gameplay is a key missing element to competitive multiplayer games. We believe we can change that and create a satisfying new mix of story and community.

We have the foundations of our gameplay, our tech art pipeline, and our world narrative ready to be explored. Through unconventional approach, we're building a highly efficient art team to create a distinctive stylized anime art style.

Essential Duties

  • Explore our art direction and world using concepts for characters, environments, props
  • Participate in playtests with the entire team to gather feedback and push our games forward
  • Work collaboratively with other game artists, designers, and testers to improve the experience and offering to our players

Learn more about what it's like to work with us here.

Please get in contact by sending your resume and a bit about yourself to